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English Poems

Your journey humble soul

Journey into the world unknown

Of good and evil, of trust and deceit,

Search for the seed unsown

Enshrined and freed by belief.

Pierced by faith and meaningful hope

In the blossoming life you seek

Let your spirit shine, God’s simple gift!

I wrote this short poem for a friend who taught me the value of friendship and the significance of God's words. As such, my life has become more meaningful geared towards running my life's race without doubt but more of faith.

February 1, 2008 
At Quingate Place (Halifax)

Christmas Heart 2003

My eyes have not been tainted by blood

Nor have I seen violence.

I am a child of peace who sighs nothing

But happiness and beauty for a world

So blest with amazing stories and heroism.


My hands have not shattered pain

Nor have been lifted to inflict pressure.

It touched, caressed and embraced

Fascinating creatures that breathe life

In this wonderful world of love.


My body have not been exposed nor abused

Instead taken good cared of

To carry on loads of worthy cause

That inspires invention and imagination

Worthy of honor and recognition.


However, my mind – my human mind

Has been incarcerated by frailties -

Such irrational weaknesses,

With dumped soul and damned heart

Tracking destruction rather than preservation.


Not too long ago, my heart has

Given up life’s simplest pleasure.

And it took up residence in the complex

Home we call paradox and irony

Engaged in undefined colors and shapes. 


These five lessons I have learned last year:


To see the world in different perspectives –

Touch it with care and logic –

For in the temple of life where there is end  

Mind’s power is the threshold defined.

And yet without the heart’s prodding,

Life will mean - nothing.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Likha (Disyembre 10, 2003)

I have fallen in love

four times

Today I turn 31, and I have fallen in love four times.

I have fallen in love the first time
When I felt my mother's embrace,
My father's charm and my only brother's tease.
They constitute the first self in me
Which founded my being.

The second time love struck me
Was when I became conscious,
Sensitive and critical of the things, places,
Relationships and persons around me.
I discovered the 'social' and
Learned to move beyond
What this world calls the 'personal'.

Sociology is my third love.
My tool in understanding the world,
My guide in gaining sense of
Life's complex issues and
My refuge -- my claim within
Career's social space
Where I intend to make a difference.

The fourth, I cannot reveal.
It is something or someone that
I would like to keep for myself
And for others to keep on wondering.
It is my way of pushing life to the fullest,
Despite my imperfections.
A life strategy designed to accept contingencies
Without flare or pun, but with love and fun.

Birthday poem
January 11, 2006
Quaipo Church. Manila Philippines/boarding house at Matimyas Street
5:15 pm

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