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Research | Pananaliksik

National Catechetical Study (NCS) 2016-2021:
Pastoral Action Research and Intervention (PARI) Project

The first study, NCS 2016-2018 explores the lives and well-being of catechists and catechetical leaders in the country. Then, a follow-up study through an international research grant, the NCS 2021: PARI Project focuses on the salient dimensions of the catechized, catechetical formation, and catechetical human resources. Thus, in essence, the recent five years, from 2016-2021, afforded the NCS Research Team an opportune time to reflect and celebrate the 500 years founding of the Catholic Christianity in the country. In so doing, this research monograph covers the five-year expanse of the study oriented around one goal. That is, to energize the Philippine catechetical scene through the (a) conduct of pastoral research projects, and (b) implementation of intervention activities that are inclusive, participatory, and engaging.

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