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A Child in Everyone
12 months of doing fieldwork in the Philippines 

What I like about Christmas is that the celebration centers on the story of a child, which in time, has evolved several cultural meanings in different places around the world.  The Philippines is no exemption. Despite the spikes of social poverty and inequalities, Filipinos would use all possible means, just to make their respective children happy. The idea is that “Christmas is for children”, and no child should feel left-out and excluded from this festivity. 


This year, I accomplished this ideal by organizing Christmas children party in my two research sites.  Everything turned-out very well. All children received gifts and they were all happy. But what for me, makes the happiest – is the sight of parents and student-volunteers who witnessed and participated in these events without hesitation. All of us believed in the idea of a child or lest, in rediscovering the child in us. 


I know that the child would eventually grow old.  But it is in these cultural moments that children are given the chance and place to imagine and be fascinated with the world of humanity. These stories of giving and charity are necessary for them to grow-up well as a loving and caring citizen of this ever-changing world.


May you be blest with happiness and inspiration this holiday season!


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